Monday, October 13, 2008

I am soooo bad...

I really put this blog up so that I could keep in touch with more of you out there and I have failed miserably. Tonight I am sitting on 22 dogs in rescue and 628 e-mails that I have to do something with - adopt out, answer, delete, destroy (only the e-mails, not the dogs), all of the above. Good grief, I need a secretary or three. Please - somebody send me some personnel!

Life has been morbidly busy - is that an oxymoron? If it is morbid does that mean it is dead - or has been dead a while? I guess one cannot be busy when one is dead. Too many people are losing their homes thus losing their dogs too. I wonder why none of the kids are being dumped? Just the pets..... Food for thought?

Suffice this post to say I shall try to keep up my postings and try not to get too high up on my soap box - hope you are all well and one of these Sundays we shall do yet another RR walk at some out of the way place that is equally inconvenient for all to get to - honest.