Monday, January 10, 2011


The first post of the new year - and we have 12 or so dogs needing to find homes. We also have two dogs needing to come back to rescue - one is Wilson who was placed during this past year and the other is Kees who was placed in 2002. How is it that when folks move away and have problems we do not get to know about the issues for years? Suddenly we are expected to do something and do it immediately. Ahhh well, one can never say rescue is dull and never is...
Our web site is more or less updated with the dogs but there seem to be many that are not on the site. Pure breds that hopefully will be placed without ever having their photos up there - they are in great demand at times and we still seem to go through cycles of only males for weeks then only females for weeks, there is no rhyme or reason for this non-pattern occurrence.
Rescue is still looking for a volunteer grant writer, as well as foster homes and people to help transport. It is a never ending wish list for those three helping hands.