Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Fabulous but Frenetic Foursome

Destructive dogs...?

Usually when I leave the dogs home alone I come back to something totally destroyed. It could be a book, a sock, a pair or three of shoes...but there is always something chewed up. Today I left all four home alone and came back to ...nothing missing, wrong, chewed up, was amazing. Everything was in place and the dogs were all ecstatic to see us. Do you think they finally learned that it is not good to chew things? I should be so many years, lots of tears at losing stuff, *I* the human, the supposedly more intelligent of beings here in this house ...*I* have finally learned. I closed off all the doors, left the dog door open so they could go outside and put extra beds out for them to sleep on and a basket of dog toys in the middle of the floor. Voila, they could not get to my shoes, socks, books or anything else. Yipppeeee...I have finally learned.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Three Ridgebacks and a Chessie...why can't I be a one-dog household? Duh...because I am a rescue addict of course. I should prolly start a support group for people like me. There is AA, NA, PA, GA, OA, SA...the list goes on and on - but there is no RA!!! so I guess we could start a Rescuers Anonymous...Hello, my name is.....wait, wait..... excuse me folks..... (in the back ground the folks can hear the phone ringing in her pocket..."Hello? yes, this is Elizabeth, yes, I rescue..ahuh, mmm, yes, ...really?...okay I will be right there...") sorry folks got to go.....have to get a dog..." Ah, such is the way of a rescuer. There is not even enough time to get to the RA meeting! Oh well, the thought was fleetingly nice...

Friday, March 23, 2012

Confessions of a Rescue Addict

I have no life.....well.. I have no life that does not involve rescue dogs...I do not go to movies. I do not go to the beach (Unless I am accompanied by at least three dogs!) Shopping? well, yeahhhh...for collars and leashes and dog food of course! I rarely go out to dinner with dates or friends..oh wait... I rarely have dates and my only friends are those who are as addicted to rescue as I. Home economics? umm...I can repair leashes and collars, stitch up the torn jacket or cozy sweater or even throw away the dog food dish that has a crack in it. I can also repair the floater in the automatic dog water if need be.

Hmmm....Doctor, I think I may have a problem here...