Sunday, March 25, 2012

Destructive dogs...?

Usually when I leave the dogs home alone I come back to something totally destroyed. It could be a book, a sock, a pair or three of shoes...but there is always something chewed up. Today I left all four home alone and came back to ...nothing missing, wrong, chewed up, was amazing. Everything was in place and the dogs were all ecstatic to see us. Do you think they finally learned that it is not good to chew things? I should be so many years, lots of tears at losing stuff, *I* the human, the supposedly more intelligent of beings here in this house ...*I* have finally learned. I closed off all the doors, left the dog door open so they could go outside and put extra beds out for them to sleep on and a basket of dog toys in the middle of the floor. Voila, they could not get to my shoes, socks, books or anything else. Yipppeeee...I have finally learned.

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